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Duplicate shoes

11 Jul

I want these so bad for my friend’s wedding in August.

Trouble is, I already have Very Similar ones, with the difference being they are close-toed and don’t have a fabulous bow on them. But essentially, how many black stacked shoes does a girl need?

At least two, you’re right.


Winter boots

29 Jun
christian louboutin

Too early to be thinking about winter but these would be divine when it does come

Christian Louboutin | Ronfifi Alta 100 buttoned boots | NET-A-PORTER.COM.

♡ Mulberry ♡

28 Jun

To be honest, I’d be happy with anything from the Mulberry family. I’m not going to be picky. I am somewhat sickened that I love the Alexa (because I can’t stand how over-hyped its inspiration is) so instead let me show you my love for the classic Bayswater.

Aaaah, the Bayswater. You ooze sophistication and no-nonsense.

Mulberry / Shop online.